Welcome to Bal Harbour
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Located just north of Miami Beach, Bal Harbour is an island community that covers just 0.6 square miles. While it may be small in size, this luxury community offers beautiful ocean views all around and a village that is committed to being one of the most prominent cities in Florida.

From the 1920s, Detroit-based Miami Beach Heights Corporation has owned this land and Robert C. Graham became the planner who ensured his vision became a reality. Graham hired Harland Bartholomew & Associates, city planners who were highly sought after, and in the 1930s they began the stages of designing a village. Give the original name of Bay Harbour, the planning committee thought a better name could be given to a community that was located directly on the beach.

Because it sat on the Atlantic Ocean, they replaced the ā€œyā€ in Bay and gave it an ā€œlā€ from the word Atlantic which then became Bal.

In 1940, Graham leased the land to the United States so that they could train the Air Corps during World War II. Plans for the city stopped during this time but after the war was over, the Air Corps left the barracks that were set up for their soldiers and these were transformed into apartment homes in order to attract residents to the community.

After this, the city was incorporated and construction and city development was underway. In 1946, the first hotel opened, Kenilworth-by-the-Sea, and was made famous by radio host Arthur Godfrey, who televised from the hotel to his radio audience and brought attention to the hotel and Bal Harbour. Additional world-class resorts and hotels were built and attracted prosperous tourist and celebrity names such as Count Basie, Guy Lombardo, and Ed Sullivan as well as presidents.

While the city shopping and tourist development was in full swing, a community was also being built which included luxury apartments and homes for its residents. It also attracted innovative and respected businesses to the area, including Bal Harbour SEO experts Elite Rank Media, who has been providing top Miami Marketing services to local and national brands

Today, Bal Harbour is known for its glamour and fashion boutiques and stores that many come just to the area to visit. These stores rival those that can be found in New York and Beverly Hills. The city strives to preserve the uphold the beauty of the landscape and is continuously maintained.

With approximately 2,600 living in Bal Harbour today, the original goal of this city development was to remain one that embraced high standards of living and to this day, that goal is still preserved by all who call Bal Harbor home.